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Say hello to Pebble

Day by day technology is growing up and is doing this really fast. Of course it didn't forget about wearable devices like smartwatches. I was always thinking that smartwatch is not the best idea. Who wants watch that need to be charged every day? But Pebble made me to believe in them.

Pebble Icon

Why Pebble ?

  • Simple in use
  • Pixel e-paper display
  • Big applications market
  • Battery - you can use it all week and don't bother about charge level.
  • Design - it looks really impressive. A lot of customization are allowed.
  • Cross platforming - works with Android and iOS
  • A lot of possibilities for developers

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  • Alarm manger
  • Read messages
  • Control your calls
  • Control your music tracks
  • Play games
  • You can use it as speedometer while running or riding or even skiing

Lets look closer :

  • I don't like to carry a lot of staff with me. Thats why I use only my phone to listen music or read books. And every day in bus, metro or while riding the bike I was needed to take it out from pocket every time I wanted another track. That was anoing. And now all I need is to touch my hand.
  • If you love skiing like I do than you know how hard is to get your phone from pocket at the mountain. And with Pebble you can even track your run statistic without doing that.

Pebble opens the door into the world of Comfort and new Possibilities.

Pebble Icon Bike


To start developing for Pebble you simple need to :

Meet any troubles? You can always take care of them here :