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Find and read the premium magazines and newspapers that you know and hundreds more that you don’t - all for one single monthly fee YUMPU offers the best content to entertain, inspire, and educate you.

Read smart! With the YUMPU newsstand app you can read magazines and newspapers in one digital magazine flatrate both online and offline anytime and anywhere!


The future of digital magazine publishing is here: The Yumpu – Digital Publishing App is an all-in-one digital publishing solution that lets you present all your magazines combined in a single kiosk app.

You can let your content speak for itself in your own app - everywhere & at any time. Download our app for free and see how your digital publications would look like in your own app (by connecting your Yumpu account with the app). If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for free at any time.

Coffee Shop

Flutter based sample e-commerce application about coffee ordering. Main goal of which is to gain more expertise in mobile cross-platform app development.

Project is open sourced and hosted on GitHub.

Secrets Keeper

Secrets Keeper is a simple secure application that uses Android Key Store API, Fingerprint API and Confirm Credentials API to keep your secrets in safe.

Project is open sourced and hosted on GitHub.


With Yallo you will be able to call any destination in the world! All calls made through Yallo, both incoming and outgoing, will benefit from all of Yallo’s features for free.

Yallo is not standard Phone Service. Unlike other mobile VoIP apps that offer cheap international calls, with Yallo you receive so much more than just calls. You can enjoy all our features including Call Recording, Call Caption, Go Yallo, Travel features and so much more.


EYSAMobile system that lets you pay for your parking space with your mobile phone without going to the parking meter.

Park correctly in a regulated zone without needing to go the parking meter or having to leave a ticket on your dashboard.

Extend the amount of time parked without returning to the parking meter.

Leave your parking spot and pay only for the actual amount of time parked. Park for the maximum amount of time without worrying when it expires, and get refunded for the time not used. And more.


This app provides the easiest way to share your contact details with anyone. Create your business card in 10 seconds, using your Facebook or Linkedin account. Send your card securely to anyone simply by typing their email.


Go Detect is the first detection app, hand made by detectors enthusiast for detectors fans and expert.

Increase your Detection results by using a revolutionary private and secure system using the GPS of your Android device.

Get access live to your outdoor detection, Pin Point your findings, Measure your tour distance and rank what you have found.

Increase your knowledge, Archive your tour and create photo album of your findings. Add comments and notes to create your own agenda.


A simple and easy-to-use DrupalCon Conferences guide app with the full Conference schedule. Download it to your phone and seamlessly keep track of the events, learn about the speakers and favorite sessions. Make sure you visit all the desired events by adding them to your schedule.


Declaree allows the submission of paper declarations of the past. With the mobile app, employees can easily picture their declaration and submit. Online, the bookkeeper or accountant via easily recognize all declarations, decrease or approve and export overviews for the administration.

Weather Widgets

High quality Widgets and Weather app. Digital Clock with Weather, additional skins, HD animations. With just a touch, the app enters full screen mode, including a detail page with beautiful HD images. Supports location-aware weather, weather by city name.